Make it memorable with Bike’n wine!


1- Why consider Bike ‘n Wine instead of other tour companies?¬†

Our commitment to you is driven by our passion for road biking and our enthusiasm to showcase our territory. You will comfortably stay in only one hotel without having to pack every morning. All your meals are included. We select only the best hotels and restaurants for you and we want you to have the most enjoyable vacation ever with the goal of you recommending us to other bike enthusiasts.

2- Is transportation from the airport to the hotel included in the price?

Yes, otherwise is specified in the tour description.

3- Is a cycling jersey included with the price?

Yes, we will give you the latest Bike ‘n Wine full uniform¬† and other gadgets that may be useful for your ride so you can take them back home.

4- How big is the cycling group?

Ideally, we like our cycling group to not exceed 6 riders. This way, we make sure all our guests needs are met and that they all feel at home.

5- Do non-riders pay as much as riders?

Yes, since non-riders will use the same amenities as riders.

6- My partner doesn’t cycle, what can she or he do?

While the group is out riding, he or she can explore the local towns or enjoy the beautiful resorts where you are staying. We only select top rated accommodations that offer complementary activities.

7- Does Bike ‘n Wine provide insurance in case of injury?

No, Bike ‘n Wine is not responsible in the event a customer gets injured. Please see insurance and terms and conditions policy.

8- Is bike rental available?

Yes, road bike rental is available and included in the price. We also offer E-Bikes with an additional premium.

9- What do I have to bring with me?

We suggest that you bring with you your personal cycling gear such as: pedals, shoes, gloves, helmet. Many of our customers also choose to bring with them their saddle, but this is just a personal preference.